We'll work together to determine the packing priority at 6 weeks out. From holiday decor and non-seasonal apparel, down to the last few boxes for "high profile" items such as coffee, underwear, liquor, box knives, and last minute mail. You make the priority, I pack it.

Moving across the city, or to a different unit in the same building presents different opportunities, but the same. EVERYTHING needs to be wrapped, packed, and moved. While we hope inner-building moves may not need the attention to packing detail as a cross-town move, it does. I have experienced a 3rd floor to a first floor move and it was almost as labor intensive as a new address. I thought I could just fill hampers and laundry baskets with my belongings, but you make dozens of trips up and down the levels. Go right ahead and cancel your David Barton membership for 2 months. Oh wait, they did that for you. CARDIO!

We'll go through a check-list of the tasks that I can accomplish...i.e. securing moving supplies, packing, organizing, light fixture removal/replacement, fine art crating and removal/repair of the special closing items that you are responsible for. For example, making the entertainment center go away, replacing a doorknob, replacing a broken light switch, or touching up/painting a wall. Conversely, there are items of contractual/legal need that you will work on...i.e. utilities, moving company, change of address, (I'll help lick stamps if you send out personal notes to your family and friends.