​​On move-in day, I'm at your service. While your signing your name in a million places, I'll arrive at your new place ahead of you to meet the movers. 

Being that I've packed all the boxes and labeled the new rooms that they go in, I will direct the staff where to place the boxes and furniture so you can sit down and have lunch, meet the doorman, or take a nap at a nearby hotel. I'll do basic inspection of boxes and furniture for damages and notate. While the items are being brought in, I'll begin opening boxes, especially those "high priority" boxes so the unpacking can begin. I am pretty quick at this and this is where my mind begins the process of how it will all work in your new home. Kitchen, bedroom and bath are high on the list, so you can just walk around and relish it all. Depending on your timing to get in and setteled, we might acquire additional help with unpacking. My goal is to get a room cozy so you can at least have a base to relax depending on time elements. This is where the REALLY fun part begins in my book. Making the home.