We begin with a consultation in the current home. If you're re-locating or staying in your existing home, we'll meet to assess what the needs are before the move. Whether you're looking to purge the kitchen and a couple of closets, or the whole house, we begin there. Determining what's needed to fit the life in your new home is paramount before moving unnecessary objects to clutter up the new palette. I handle the coordination of the keep, sell, donate and trash. City living presents special considerations with how to process items that aren't moving/staying into your new home. A great example for condo/apartment dwellers is to have an estate or tag sale & single family homes, a garage sale. I'm highly sensitive to building rules of removing items from your home and I'll determine the best course of action with you.

Electronics present an opportunity for upgrading to new technology. I "have a guy" who's spectacular at evaluating your existing equipment and making suggestions for new wireless options which open a new world. I'll work with him on what's needed, so you may not need the armoire any longer. VCR? Let's talk. CD's? Do you really? This is about reducing clutter in your life.

We'll discuss your furniture in-depth. If an item is no longer functional, I'll source to see if the item can be kept, restored, sold, or unfortunately disposed of.

Kitchen items are one of my favorite areas. Are you an avid cook, we'll determine what you would use going forward based on your cooking and entertaining habits. I have a special place in the heart for Aunt Phyllis' serving pieces.

As a gay man, I am willing to hit the closets with you. Fashion show? Let's GO! Walk that runway and I'll photog the event. You get the ultimate decision if you keep the parachute pants, bridesmaid dress or leopard print leggings. I'm a fan of purging. 

Linens & things...if you haven't used it in 5 years, LET IT GO. Unless you have flawless floor to ceiling drapes that would work in the new abode, let them go. Rugs? Let's have them cleaned! Towels with holes, rips or stains? Let's go shopping. You know you'll need new accessories.