Now that we've gotten you into your new house, it's time to make it a home. This could involve a few days of organizing and evaluating, looking and touching. There will be glaring things you/we will want to improve or eliminate from the new abode. We'll discuss at great length how much you'll want to be involved in this next process during the consultation. I'll ask unending questions about how you see yourself in this new home. Where you want formal or informal zones, how you entertain, if so. I'll inquire about your living habits such as sleeping, cooking, working, eating, cleaning, organizing, travel, laundry, media and the mood you wish to create. Some clients want to be involved in every step of the creation process, some just the big purchases/changes, and somewant me to just handle it within budget. I do quite well shopping with or without my client. I have no problem traveling a great deal to acquire what you want in your home. I'll always ask about purchases over a pre-determined dollar amount, and there will be occasions where I'll push your thought process in a direction in which you may not have normally thought. Conversely, I expect you to challenge me in my thought process so we create the best possible home for you. We'll try new things, but keep in mind that I don't try something without knowing in my best confidence that it will work. This process is on-going for a bit of pre-determined time based on our schedules. I'll be sure to keep you abreast of lead-times on ordered product, knowing that a sofa can take 12-16 weeks for custom. Drapes and pillows, cushions and other custom projects have lead times as well depending on material availability. On the flip-side, there are many resources at our ready for a quick turnaround and it can happen relatively quickly.

We'll talk through the ideas and changes as you desire, and I'll personally implement the changes, or outsource, depending on my skill and expertise. We'll work through the transition of making your house a home, until we feel it's "guest-ready". At that point, further discussion will commence to determine what level you'd like the home to be taken too. This occurs in layering with small accessories, art, decor and T.E.T(that extra touch). This final stage often takes place as specialty items are sourced and not necessarily planned you or I see a need or stumble upon a "must have" piece. In conclusion, we'll decide on what items you/we feel could be improved upon that were not in the initial budget, and set forth a plan to accomplish those goals. For example, maybe the existing drapes are sufficient for now, but it's been determined that a better solution is needed down the road as they are budgeted. Or maybe you need a new accent table, or a lighting fixture, but not right now. We'll communicate your needs and devise the plan of action. 

Making your house a home is an evolution over time. New art is purchased, accessories change, furniture needs reveal themselves. I am thrilled to be a continued part of the evolution as needed, and love decorating for the Holidays.